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To the world of Wacky Cousin Tina or Diviant Tina....I am a devoted fan of Forever Knight!This page here is my offering to the FK world.I feel so wanted!*g*If your reading this then please oh please sign my guest book!Oh thank you soooo much!I will up date this page alot so keep coming back!

I now have a message board!But its not really a message board!Im using it for both FK related news and Round Robin Storys!So feel free to start a FK Round robin story!Keep it PG-15 though!

Forever Knight Round Robin Story & News Board!

Other Pages of this FK home page:

Fanfiction Come by and see /read some fanfiction that Ive writen.

Fact or FictionFact or Fiction?These are some wild things that Me and Jess,The Wacky Cousins thought/talked/dreamt about in our hair pin brains.Im the Caffine high one,Tina, and shes,Jess,....I think.Oh well !

FKFFEA round robin e-mail story group that I lead...I guess you could say own but most of these...characters are FK(not mine!)we just use them.To find out more about this please go to this page!

FKFFE Episod PageThis is where the FKFFE episods are stored!

Links Yeah I know!I have the webring at the bottem so why have a page for links?Why because these Links are the best in my opinian!

Whats New page Find out what Ive updated.I do up date alot!

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Im waiting to hear from all those Diviants out there!....come on!I know theres got to be other Diviants out there besides me!Hello????!!!!Any Diviants out there????